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Vintage Library Checkout Card Metal Bookmarks

Hello, fellow book lover!! You have been searching a long time to find the PERFECT bookmark for that book you’re reading, haven’t you? I know, because I was there once too. Old receipts, business cards, ticket stubs, and post-it notes do not make adequate bookmarks for the awesomeness that is a physical book. All books, even new ones, have a great “library” smell to them, the feel of the pages and the way they transport us to other places make us feel nostalgic for all things vintage library. That is why I created my Library Bookmark series. I wanted to bring a piece of library nostalgia to the books of today. These bookmarks have been a favorite of book lovers since I launched them in 2019. Your books deserve the best bookmarks. And really, what is better than a library to a book?


Travel back in time with these beautifully printed vintage library checkout card-themed bookmarks. These bookmarks feature designs of old library cards and stamps, and a vintage card catalog, making them the perfect gift for any book lover or library enthusiast. Made from high-quality aluminum, they're built to last, and their lightweight design won't damage your book or pages. Browse the collection today and add some literary nostalgia to your reading routine!


The bookmarks are 1.5 x 6" aluminum with the image printed and heat transferred into the special polyester coating, making it permanent.

Vintage Library Checkout Card Metal Bookmarks

SKU: LIBR-001-L1
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