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Nature Bookmarks |  | Metal Bookmarks for Nature Lovers

Hello, fellow book lover!! You have been searching for a long time to find the PERFECT bookmark for that book you’re reading, haven’t you? I know, because I was there once too. Old receipts, business cards, ticket stubs, and post-it notes do not make adequate bookmarks for the awesomeness that is a physical book. You checked out all my other bookmark designs, and while you think they are awesome, you want something a bit more "natural", right? These Nature bookmark designs are for you!


Escape into the world of your favorite book and immerse yourself in the wonders of nature with my printed aluminum bookmarks. Whether you're lost in a thrilling adventure novel or learning about the wonders of the natural world, these bookmarks will keep your place and inspire you with their stunning designs. Made from lightweight aluminum, they won't weigh down your book or leave marks on your pages. Browse the collection today and bring a touch of nature to your reading experience!


The bookmarks are 1.5 x 6" aluminum with the image printed and heat transferred into the special polyester coating, making it permanent.

Nature Bookmarks | | Metal Bookmarks for Nature Lovers

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